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File UP18-041 – Athletic/Sports Facility in Rural Zone – Wrenco Arms, LLC

Wrenco Arms, LLC is requesting Special Use Permit (SUP) approval to develop a rural zoned, 2.49 acre parcel with a shooting sports facility as is allowed by Ponderay City Code. The proposed use will occur in a newly constructed facility. The property was previously used as a day care facility under home occupation regulations. The property is located at 478338 Highway 95, just south of W. Bronx Rd. in Section 3, Township 57 North, Range 3 West, Boise Meridian.

UP18-041 Application

UP18-041 Comp Plan

UP18-041 Elevations

UP18-041 Floor Plan

UP18-041 Narrative

UP18-041 Site Plan and Information

UP18-041.Wrenco SW Plan